LANEB Paris constantly conducts review and thematic master classes for cosmetologists.

The theoretical and practical part of the event is led by a trainer-cosmetologist of the LANEB Paris brand - a dermatologist, a practicing cosmetologist with an international diploma, a trainer and scientific consultant of LANEB Paris.

During your studies you:

  • get acquainted with the brand of professional cosmetics LANEB Paris, its history and features;
  • get acquainted with the LANEB product lines, learn how to use them to solve various cosmetic problems;
  • raise the professional level;
  • receive protocols of salon procedures using LANEB Paris cosmetics,
  • learn how to choose home care products;
  • receive a certificate of completion of a course on work on professional cosmetics LANEB Paris.

Events are held in Kyiv, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Cosmetology courses: how to become a professional

Given that women and men have always sought to improve their appearance, cosmetology has become a sought-after science, multifaceted and exciting. That is why many people wanted to study it. If you decide to become a cosmetologist, courses can help you realize this dream.

We offer beautician courses in Kyiv, consisting of theoretical and practical parts. They are conducted by a professional trainer from LANEB Paris. Thanks to the training, you will get acquainted with the history of the brand and the features of cosmetics, learn how to properly solve various cosmetic problems, increase the level of professionalism, learn how to choose products for home use, and receive a certificate that allows you to work in this profession.

Prices for cosmetology courses are quite reasonable. They allow you to get acquainted with the latest dermatological, pharmacological, genetic innovations, modern developments in the field of medicine.

Cosmetology courses with or without medical education

It is believed that without it, becoming a professional in this industry is unrealistic. It should be borne in mind that it is much easier for doctors to study science, since they already have various basic knowledge. However, its absence is not a reason to give up the dream.

You can complete cosmetologist courses in Kyiv without a medical education. They include teaching the basics regarding massage procedures, dermatological, physiological, the study of important sciences. Thanks to this, the preparation of the highest level is carried out, although initially they were far from medicine.

You will become not just an expert who has studied the methods of using various cosmetics and knows all methods of skin care. In addition, you will learn all the necessary scientific basics, master various technologies related to body shaping, in particular getting rid of cellulite. You will be able to perform procedures that affect the upper layers of the skin without violating its integrity, but no more. Complex processes are available only to people with the necessary education.

Cosmetology courses with a medical background are also offered. Thanks to this, you can perform significantly more different procedures, for example, injection or hardware cosmetology, work with some types of ultrasound machines.

Advantages of cosmetologist courses with an international certificate

This profession has just a huge number of different advantages:

  • The ability to do all kinds of procedures with a good discount or even for free (this bonus will appeal to any of the fair sex).
  • The presence of a personal account, even if you are still a beginner (usually it is provided only to bosses and directors).

If you want beautician courses online, no question. The advantages of this option include the following:

  • Comfortable place to study - you can study anywhere, even lying on the couch under a blanket, the main thing is to have access to the Internet.
  • Convenient time - no need to go to college or office, it is possible to draw up a suitable schedule.
  • Mobility — high-quality processing of the studied material is performed regardless of external factors.• Qualitative feedback - if necessary, you can contact the teacher at any time.
  • Personal pace - the speed of learning is set based on the capabilities of the student.
  • Freedom of action - you do not need to adapt to a large audience, keep quiet.

You complete your cosmetology course with an international certificate that allows you to work in any country. They are distinguished by the maximum effectiveness of training, they can take place in various cities of Ukraine.

If you are interested in how much cosmetology courses cost, the answer is simple - you will definitely like the announced cost, as it is quite democratic, especially considering that professional knowledge is guaranteed.

If you like this specialty, then welcome. This profession is optimal not only for women, but also suitable for men. For cosmetologist courses in Kyiv, the price is quite affordable for everyone.